Revival of Akkadian at World Record Attempt Reading Aloud in Multiple Languages @ Sophia bib Schaarbeek

AssyrUGent members Katrien De Graef and Mirko Surdi participated in a successful world record attempt at Sophia Bib Schaarbeek on Sunday 26th of February 2023 by reviving Akkadian! The Guinness World Record attempt for reading aloud in multiple languages was an initiative of the local library and schools, as well as the Foyer charity that works with newcomers. Every sentence of the book by Leo Timmers ‘Magical Life of Mr Renny’ (Mijnheer René) was read aloud in another language, among which one sentence in Akkadian. Experts were present for 65 of the 74 languages used during the attempt, to verify that the correct language was used, so the Record was set at 65 languages, ten more than the previous record by the Museum of Islamic Culture in Qatar.




Dutch with video:


Mirko and Katrien with author Leo Timmers

Mirko reading a sentence in Akkadian from the book ‘Magical Life of Mr Renny’ (‘Mijnheer René’) by Leo Timmers: