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Revival of Akkadian at World Record Attempt Reading Aloud in Multiple Languages @ Sophia bib Schaarbeek (3/1/2023) Posted in: Announcements, Outreach - AssyrUGent members Katrien De Graef and Mirko Surdi participated in a successful world record attempt at Sophia Bib Schaarbeek on Sunday 26th of February 2023 by reviving Akkadian! The Guinness World Record attempt for reading aloud in multiple languages was an…
Thus Speaks Tarām-Kūbi. Assyrian Correspondence. (11/22/2022) Posted in: Announcements - On December 6th, AssyrUgent and Assyriological Center Georges Dossin welcome Prof. Dr. Cécile Michel who will talk about how to bring Ancient Mesopotamia and Assyrian Women to the General Public, followed by a viewing of her award-winning documentary "Thus Speaks Tarām-Kūbi.…
AssyrUGent in Bollywood (10/28/2022) Posted in: Conferences - Mirko en Katrien presenting in Ghent at the workshop "Of Exotic Plants, Wild Beasts and Precious Gems: South Asian Forest-dwellers and the Making of World Civilisation (Late Neolithic to Early Colonial Period)" .  
The Mummy under the bed. (10/28/2022) Posted in: Publications - Proud to present our new book! The Mummy under the Bed.  

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